Unleashed pierwszym headlinerem Summer Dying Loud 2017!


Ciepełko dziś, nieprawdaż? W prognozie pogody Zubilewicz wspominał jednak coś o możliwych burzach. U nas już grzmi gdyż niniejszym anonsujemy UNLEASHED jako pierwszego headlinera Summer Dying Loud!
Mamy też dla was limitowaną pulę 500 karnetów w zeszłorocznej cenie 50 zł, których sprzedaż startuje teraz!

It’s warm today, isn’t it? But be aware of upcoming storms because now we shall announce the first headliner of Summer Dying Loud festival! Let’s welcome the mighty UNLEASHED!
Limited early bird tickets are available now!

Unleashed was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in November 1989, and sprang from the ashes of the pioneer Death Metal band Nihilist.
Unleashed, along with a few more bands founded what is today called the Swedish Death Metal scene. There has been very few lineup changes throughout the years and today the band consists of:

Johnny – Bass and Vocals
Fredrik – Lead guitar
Anders – Drums
Tomas – Rhythm guitar

We set out to first and foremost be a live act. The bands musical vision was to keep to the roots and develop within our own style of music instead of changing with the winds. To this day, that is still our vision.
Lyrically, Unleashed introduced the ”viking traditions and values” into death metal music back in 1989.
And we strive to be the Chief Vikings of Swedish Death Metal. Meaning that we aim to lead and define the future of viking death metal. Defending and developing the content of these traditions and values into the everlasting future.
Unleashed has made numerous world tours and festivals since the start in 1989. Both as a support and headlining act. Wherever there is a demand created by a good number of unleashed warriors, the band will go.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/unleashed/
WWW: http://www.unleashed.se/

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