Schammasch czyli black metalowa awangarda prosto ze Szwajcarii


Wracamy po krótkiej nieobecności… i przynosimy Wam awangardową black metalową perełkę w postaci szwajcarskiego Schammasch!

Pula promocyjna karnetów już wyszła, do sprzedaży trafiły standardowe karnety na dwa dni, które dostępne będą jedynie w przedsprzedaży!
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So we came back after a short absence … and we bring you the avant-garde black metal from Switzerland, let’s welcome Schammasch!

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Located in Basel, in Switzerland, Schammasch was formed in 2009. (‘Schammasch’ being Samas, the sun god from Akkadian/Babylonian mythology.)

With little attention to the question of genre from their inception, the band regarded their actual body of work as what is most artistically significant; althought their toots can be found in forward-thinking black metal whilst balancing a razor sharp hybrid of dark atmospherics, doom and Hermetic, mysticism.

After a year off carefully crafting their art, Schammasch released their first album „Sic Lvceat Lvx” on an underground Swiss Black Metal label and unveiled their live show alongside international extreme metal acts like Jex Thoth, Temple off Baal, Vorkreist, Evoken and Forgotten Tomb. Theri ambitious debut garnered considerable praise from many comers of the extreme music world, in print ond online.

As the first Swiss band to join the Prosthetic roster, Schammasch release their second opus „Contradiction” as a double album in 2014, which was recorded nad produced by none other then Tripkyton/ex-Celtic Frost guitarist V. Santura. A sprawling, epik work over 85 minutes, presented with the majestic arkwork of artist Valnoir of the Metastazis Studi in Paris (Paradise Lost, Alcest, Ulver). The album gets high attention from magazines like Metal Hammer UK, Terrorizer, RcokHard GER and many more. Metal Hammer describes „Contradiction” as „cerebral and utterly absorbing and one fo the most overwhelming albums of the year”.

Later that year the band’s first international tour starts off, supporting Dark Fortress and Secrets of the Moon, receiving great response from crowds all over Europe. At the same time their video clip „Golden Light” is released, again including Valnoir as a co-producer and William Lacalmontie (Corrections House, Church of Ra, Godflesh) as main producer. Appearing on countless best of 2014-lists to the end of the year including RockHard’s best of samdler, „Contradiction” turned out to be a truly commanding work of significant importance, both to extreme music of 2014 and to the rich heritage of forward thinking Swiss metal in general.

In 2015 Schammasch fully concentrate on the process of songwriting for their 3th album, following and continuing their path with utter Focus and forvour, to finally enter Woodshed studio again in summer, starting the first of many long recording sessions. In September the new album is finally mixed and mastered, this time also including Michael Zech as a co-producer, who is well known for his production work for Triptykon, Secrets of the Moon and Ascension.

The band’s third album „Triangle” is a monolith consisting of three EPs each 33:30 minutes in lenght, each differing in atmosphere and style, each standing for one of three stages of the album’s strong concept.
This very unique concept is visually presented by a series of four photofraphs (one Box, three sleeves), each an incamate statement of the concept’s stage, taken by Ester Segarra (Watain, Electric Wizard, Bloodbath).

With last year’s release of Triangle the numerological trilogy I – II – III has been closed. Different territories are about to be explored in the future, beginning with the first work of a series of records entitled “The Maldoror Chants”. As the title clearly tells, the concept of those records is based on the grand novel “Les Chants de Maldoror”, one of surrealism’s dire fathers and up to this day one of the biggest literary mysteries and outgrowths. Having been an inspiration to Schammasch ever since Contradiction, the times have come to give this inspiration the room it deserves. Each record will follow one specific moment of the book, the first one being “Hermaphrodite”, a short story which appears aside the main story line in the book’s first half.
From a musical point of view these records are to be seen as an artistic experiment, apparently deriving from a different place than what we’ve done so far. Focus lies on telling instead of singing, atmosphere instead of technique, flow instead of structure. Don’t expect anything but explore everything.
“The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite” will be released on the 9th of June, available in various pre-sale formats over our web store:


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