Dopelord dołącza do składu Summer Dying Loud 2017


Zgodnie z obietnicą prezentujemy dziś drugą kapelę, jaka pojawi się na tegorocznym Summer Dying Loud. Jest ciężko, wolno… Dopelord!

Today as promised, we present the second band that will attend on this year’s Summer Dying Loud festival. It’s smokin’ slow & heavy… Dopelord!

Grzegorz Pawłowski – guitar
Piotr Zin – bass & voice
Paweł Mioduchowski – guitar & voice
Tomasz Walczak – drums

Founded in late 2010 and currently based in Warsaw, Poland, Dopelord is a four-piece metal band revolving around all things stoner, doom and psych. They are heavily influenced by the likes of Sabbath and Pentagram to contemporary classics such as Sleep and Electric Wizard.
Having released their raw-riffage, no-compromise “Magicks Rites” debut back in 2012, Dopelord have moved on to experimenting with more complex song structures, additional vocal tracks and an even heavier sound. This came to a realization with 2014’s “Black Arts, Riff Worship and Weed Cult”. The band has taken another step in this direction in 2016, entering the studio to record their third album, aiming for darker, thicker fuzzes, a more psychedelic sound and a better production. Their efforts saw the light of day in January 2017, marking the release of “Children of the Haze”. The album contains 40 minutes of heavy riffs, haunted vocals and spacey solos split into 6 tracks, ranging from super-slow doomy giants to fast-paced whirls on the verge of punk.


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